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It might sound weird, but I’m okay with being ghosted.

Like, if you just want to talk for a while because you’re bored, no strings attached, I’m down to just casually talk.

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When I'm not doing any of that I like going out to see nature or hike when the weather is right.

I love going up north and just getting to experience nature. I also liked reading Harry Potter (yay hufflepuff) as a kid, and reading other fantasy books as well, I just got into Brandon Sanderson a while back.

I rarely get disturbed or scared with movies so if you know or want to watch something that will scar us for life, let's do it. Prince Charming, but I've always preferred Jonny.

If it's any sort of indicator for anything, my favorite movies are GATTACA, AI Artificial Intelligence, Little Ashes, Clueless, Mulan and Perfume: A Story of Murder. I probably listen to those the most out of everything. My friends call me Jack because he's my alter ego when I drink whiskey (He's an awesome wedding date). I just need some stranger with whom I could forget about evryday routine.

What we liked about Pride Dating was that it had all kinds of people on it, you could set matches to exactly what you wanted be it looks, religion, race, views on love, etc.

We had a lot in common and while Chris was the pursuer, I was a willing pursuee:).

I bought Salvador Dali’s autobiography, and while he seems like an asshole, I really like the way it’s written. I've been told I have 3 personalities - Flirt, Charmer, and Smart Ass. I am a 24 year old, male, and a software developer.

Dostoevsky, again, seems kind of like an asshole, but I like the way he writes. I do like fiction but it's mostly things that appeal to my girlish fantasies and not necessarily something that would yield a lot of conversation or a lot of info about who I might be. You never know which one you're going to get :) I rarely get ID'd anymore so I guess that qualifies me as a man and I have a damn good bitmoji that I think looks identical to me. Have a cat, love board games, the shruggie, puns, swing dancing and the occasional sensible chuckle.

Our singles community is massive, and you're only a couple of clicks away from finding a date.

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