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Additionally, many character attacks (and even play styles) resemble some notable ones from MVC2...

for example, if you were a Cable player, you might like using Peacock.

Created by the young company, Reverge Labs (founded in 2010 by industry veterans Richard Wyckoff & Emil Dotchevski), fame, and a gameplay system designed by renowned combo-expert Mike "Mike Z" Zaimont, Skullgirls certainly has its foot in the door.

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However, the Skullgirls definitely have plenty of unique attributes and considerably unique play styles.

Skullgirls also features a Ratio System (inspired by another fan favorite, Capcom VS SNK 2).

These include: throws, normal attacks, dashes, and any special move.

Each character also has a few preset assist attacks to choose from.

Skullgirls' innovative "unique assist" system allows players to choose any one of a character's attacks to use as an assist during gameplay (by inputting the command on the selection screen).

Players can choose any attack type, with the exception of super moves.

Teams with two or more characters have less HP and do less damage, but are able to take advantage of assists and different play styles.

The variety that the Ratio System brings to the table makes things fun and interesting (especially since there are only 8 characters).gameplay engine is the "infinite detection system," which was created to help maintain character balance.

Before each match, players choose to use either one, two, or three characters per match.

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