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avast Information An error has occurred while attempting to update. I\u0027m using Windows 98, IE6, avast 4 antivirus...your year free registration number is likely out of date! icon in you Taskbar System tray and choose "Start Avast! As it scans memory for virus' it shows you "Registration"....

If the registration is out of date, the long registration number isn't shown, or a "registration out of date message" appears (I think).

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Looking specifically at the premium version, you can find some really cool stuff here.

Such as anti-spam to keep your emails nice and tidy, data shredder to keep your deleted files well and truly deleted, and the awesome Sandbox feature which can test any file in a securely sealed space before opening it up for good.

Just recently, Avast bought antivirus giant AVG for $1.3 BILLION dollars, granting them a huge market share.

Avast are quick to boast about how good their services are.

Unlike that kid, Avast is constantly changing and updating to keep up with the constantly developing viruses which are out there on the web.

Which is great news for you the customer, but does make those awards and reviews outdated.

Hate to do this though, because it was working fine up till a couple of weeks ago.

But these messages about my update not downloading are driving me nuts as they pop up every 2 or 3 hours...certainly all the usual "registration time limit expired" problems, but if it was re-registered in March'd have loads of time to go before they pop up again. program updated a few weeks ago, and is now 4.7.844 (previous was 4.7.827) which seems a bit too much of a coincedence. entries from Zonealarm's access list, then try the Avast! Zone Alarm should immediately pop up asking if you'd like to allow Avast!

There are basically two types of Avast updates: The update/installation process is automatically minimized to taskbar and you can use your PC as always.

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