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This method is more foolproof and easier for some users. If you're still having issues or need help with your update, be sure to drop a comment here and let us know!

Since Black Berry OS became official, it’s gotten a lot of good reviews, especially from those making the jump from 10.2 to 10.3.1 for the first time. Like with all things, it’s not all rosy for everyone, a couple of people have encountered one challenge or the other since updating.

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As always, make sure to have a Black Berry backup handy in case something goes wrong with your device.

Black Berry backups made with Black Berry Desktop Manager are saved to your computer and can be accessed with the Black Berry Backup Extractor (we are hoping to have Black Berry 10 support soon, so keep on your toes! If you have extracted your contacts from a Black Berry backup, you can always import the CSV file to Outlook in a few easy steps.

As of Blackberry Desktop Manager 7.0, the Black Berry Messenger (BBM) contacts are no longer contained in your Black Berry backup, but will be restored upon entering your Black Berry ID.

It's long overdue but hey, it's here now so let's just get on with it.

There isn’t exactly a fix out yet, but Black Berry has confirmed that they are working on a fix which should be available for download soon.

If you can’t wait for the official update, and you consider yourself an advanced user, you can install the fixed files which you find here, to stop the flickering.If not, you can always head to Settings Software Update to check manually.When you do see the OS, you can download in the background and go about your business until the install is ready.The battery saving mode is fully customizable, so you can turn on or off certain battery saving measures.By default, one of the battery saving measures is to “Limit Maximum CPU Performance”, which basically limits the processor speed and translates to a slightly slower device.Like stressed above, this one is for advanced users.

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