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So they proved she murdered Carl and Doug by finding the bullets from the gun that she traded with her fellow truther! published a story where former Playmate Barbara Moore says she had an affair with the now-President from March to September 1993 while he was engaged to Marla Maples, who was pregnant with daughter Tiffany Trump.

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Melissa hadn’t told the FBI that one of the victims was her boyfriend and she tried to claim it was no big deal when confronted.

But the team looked into the first murder and they found that death had been an accident while Carl’s death had still been murder.

She mentioned that a ripped page from the “Catcher In the Rye” had been found on Carl and that there had been weird markings on it.

So Melissa mentioned Bob Orca makes his own copies of the book with commentary and that he sells it to them. She said Bob was a hardcore truther and that he stockpiled fertilizer.

Doug must have been the guy Melissa was seeing behind Carl’s back and she killed him when he found out the truth but was going to frame Doug for Carl’s murder.

His last words had been “I know a false flag when I see one, you bitch” and Lewis ultimately realized he was talking to Melissa the entire time.

So the team’s best suspect for Carl’s murder had been Melissa.

Melissa had been manipulating them and Lewis realized she had manipulated Doug as well.

A gun that he wouldn’t put down no matter what Prentiss was telling him because he didn’t trust her.

Doug thought the FBI planted a gun and so the last thing he said before he killed himself was that it was a “false flag”.

The team had considered the possibility of Melissa being the Unsub and so Lewis was considered to be the best person to question her because Lewis could profile her while getting Melissa to open up. She wanted a proper exchange meaning she wanted to hear about the case and why the FBI believed there was a serial killer. She said they had gotten the call about two suspicious murders and that what made them suspicious had been the fact the two truthers had been killed by the same things they were talking about.

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