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(Wahi Heat) - Blue Boy (Orange Juice) - Raising The Count (Cabaret Voltaire) - Kebab Traume (DAF Live) - Bare Pork (Furious Pig) - Raouf (Specials) - I Look Alone (Buzzcocks) - Fanfare In The Garden (Essential Logic ) - Shooting Out Loud (Raincoats) - Endless Soul (Josef K) - Low Profile (Blue Orchids) - Red Nettle (Virgin Prunes) - We Could Send Letters (Aztec Camera) - Milkmaid (Red Crayola) - Don't Get In My Way (Links) - The Day My Pad Went Mad (The Massed Carnaby St John Cooper Clarkes) - Jazz Is The Teacher, Funk Is The Preacher (James Blood Ulmer) - Close To Home (Ian Dury) - Greener Grass (Gist) - Parallel Lines (Subway Sect) Long Distance - Politics (Girls At Our Best) - Born In Flames (Red Crayola) - Final Day (Young Marble Giants) - Seconds Too Late (Cabaret Voltaire) - Totally Wired (The Fall) - Try (Delta) - I Know Where Sid Barrett Lives (TV Personalities) - Hammer The Hammer (The Go-Betweens) - I'm On This Rocket (The Panther Burns) - A Hard Day's Night (Shockabilly) - More Trouble Coming Every Day (Zounds) - El Salvador (Mofungo) - Pagan Lovesong (Virgin Prunes) - Yashar (Cabaret Voltaire) Mighty Reel - Town Cryer (Elvis Costello & The Attractions) - Calling Captain Autumn (Haircut 100) - Loving You Made A Fool Out Of Me (Spanish Rap) (Kid Creole & The Coconuts) - A Day In The Life Of...

(Weekend) - Umkumbane (MUSIC from Soweto / Elfas Zondi) - Dib-Be-Dib-Be-Dize (Brother "D" with Collective Effort) - White Stuff (The Unfinished) (Fashion) - Sensation (No More Words) (Yello) - Petit Matin (The Honeymoon Killers) - Secret Life Of Arabia (Billy Mackenzie / British Electric Foundation) - Are You There (With Another Girl) (Mari Wilson) - Kita Kita O Mo La (King Sunny Ade & The African Beats) - Sleep Talk (Ornette Coleman) - Futility (The Ravishings Beauties) - Now Dance (The Three Courgettes) - Walking On Sunshine (Rockers Revenge featuring Donnie Calvin) - The Alibi (Fun Boy Three) - Loosen The Clamp (Cabaret Voltaire) - Dancibar (Liaisons Dangereuses) - Forget The Cost (Ub40) - Trainer (Michael Smith) Cassette diffusée gratuitement avec le magazine New Musical Express, accompagnée d'un mini-booklet de 32 pages.

L'édition espagnole de cette compilation s'intitule Las Cosas Del Virgin Sound.

- VIRGIN FR (940 801/2) 2x LP - VIRGIN GER (88588XBT) 2x LP - VIRGIN IT (2502) 2x LP - VIRGIN UK (TVCD 2502) 2x LP - VIRGIN SP (88588 XH) 2x LP Morgan Fisher - Bum Love (Ollie Halsall & John Halsey) - We're A Happy Family Bali Ha'ithe (Residents) - The Wreck Of The Hesperus (Roger Mcgough) - Green And Pleasant (Morgan Fisher) - Mine Tonight (John Otway) - My Way (Pete Challis & Phil Diplock) - Opus (Stinky Winkles) - Body Language (Mary Longford) - Andy The Dentist (Andy 'Thunderclap' Newman) - Wagner's Ring In One Minute (David Bedford) - The Entire Works Of Henry Cow (Fred Frith) - Look Beneath The Surface (Maggie Nicols) - Week-End (Joseph Racaille) - With Wings Pressed Back (The Work) - Cum On Feel The Noize (Neil Innes & Son) - Toscany In Blue (Last Minute) (Herbert Distel) - An End To The Matter (Lol Coxhill) - One Minute In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich (Ken Ellis) - Alice (Steve Miller) - Sings The Blues Badly (Norman Lovett/John Peel) - Serrons Nous Les Coudes (Patrick Portella) - Sounds That Saved My Life (George Melly) - Miniature (Robert Fripp) - The History Of Rock'n'roll (Andy Partridge-XTC) - Breather (Phantom Captain) - Enterbrain Exit (Ron Geesin) - An Imaginary Orchestrina (Alejandro Viñao) - Stop The Music For A Minute (Quentin Crisp) - Tetrad (Simon Desorgher) - Sweetest Love (Lament After A Broken Sashcord - On A Theme Of John Donne) (Ralph Steadman) - Tipperary (R. Laing & Son) - Beach Double (Trevor Wishart) - Scene De Ballet (John White) - Brooch Boat (Ivor Cutler) - Do Tell Us (Hector Zazou) - A Miniaturization Of Bartok's Sonata For Two Pianos & Percussion - 3rd Movement (Michael Bass & Ellen Tenenbaum) - A Swift One (Martin Chambers - The Pretenders) - Refreshment Break (Bob Cobbing & Henri Chopin) - Night Touch (Dave Vanian-The Damned) - Racing Poodles (Metabolist) - After Mendelssohn/137 Years (Gavin Bryars) - Paint It Black (1/2 Japanese) - Arthur's Treat (Simon Jeffes) - Talking World War Iii Blues (Mark Perry) - 89-90-91-92 (Michael Nyman) - Index Of Ends (David Cunningham - The Flying Lizards) - James, Mark & Me (In The Manner Of Tom Waits) (Kevin Coyne) - Hep!

- Alternative Ulster (Stiff Little Fingers) - Mind Your Own Business (Delta 5) - Man Next Door (The Slits) - Aerosol Burns (Essential Logic) - Part Time Punks (T. Personalities) - Read About Seymour (Swell Maps) - We Are All Prostitutes (The Pop Group) - Soldier Soldier (Spizzenergi) - Ain't You (Kleenex) - Nag Nag Nag (Cabaret Voltaire) - In Love (The Raincoats) - Final Day (Young Marble Giants) - Skank Bloc Bologna (Scritti Politti) Rough Trade Compilation - Politics (Girls At Our Best!

) - This Is Love (The Gist) (ex-Young Marble Giants) - Blue Boy (Orange Juice) - Pretty (Mark Beer) - Fanfare In The Garden (Essential Logic) - Born In Flames (Red Crayola) - Not Happy (Pere Ubu) - How I Wrote Elastic Man (The Fall) - Work (BLUE ORCHIDS) (ex-Fall) Gap Tracks 1 - Transmission (Joy Division) - What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted (Dave Stewart) - No Word From China (Pel Mel) - Non-Alignment Pact (Pere Ubu) - This Is Love (The Gist) - Sketch For Summer (The Durutti Column) - Kneel To The Boss (Cabaret Voltaire) - She's Lost Control (Joy Division) - Politics (Girls At Our Best) - Totally Wired (The Fall) - In A Lonely Place (New Order) - Mumbo Jumbo (Woodhead Monroe) - Modern Dance (Pere Ubu) - Shadowplay (Joy Division) - Seconds Too Late (Cabaret Voltaire) - Warm Leatherette (The Normal) - Sketch For Winter (The Durutti Column) Morrocci Klung !

'Round Midnight est extrait du EP Shipbuilding/Memories Of You/'Round Midnight - NME COMPILATION (NME004) Cassette - Kind Of Funny (Josef K) - City Hobgoblins (The Fall) - Simply Thrilled Honey (Orange Juice) - This Is Love (The Gist) - Politics (Girls At Our Best) - Born In Flames (The Red Crayola) - In Love (The Raincoats) - You (Delta 5) - Health And Efficiency (This Heat) - Music Is A Better Noise (Essential Logic) - Skank Bologna (Scritti Politti= Radio Twelve Sample Compilation - The View From Her Room (Weekend) - Drumbeat For Baby (Weekend) - Fool For A Valentine (The Gist) - Trees And Flowers (Strawberry Switchblade) - The Pelican Songs (Discobolisk) - Love Is...

(Troy Tate) - I'm Mad (Troy Tate) - Walkout To Winter (Aztec Camera) - Rank And File (Rank And File) - Queens Tattoo (Aztec Camera) Clear Cut 5 - Second Lenght - Cattle And Cane (The Go-Betweens) - Set The Killing Free (Aztec Camera) - The Man Whose Head Expanded (The Fall) - Three Wishes (T. Personalities) - Jell, Babies (Epic Soundtracks) - Once More With Feeling (Jazzateers) - A Fool For Valentine (The Gist) - More Trouble Coming Every Day (Zounds) - Pagan Love Song (Virgin Prunes) - Burnt To the Grount (Cabaret Voltaire) - Second Length (Our Swimmer) (Wire) Rough Trade Records - MNW - Pillar To Post (Aztec Camera) - Baby Turns Blue (Virgin Prunes) - Wonderful Offer (Lora Logic) - Put It On (Cosmetic) - Love At First Sight (The Gist) - Drumbeat For Baby (Weekend) - No Ones Little Girl (The Raincoats) - Agents Of Change (Blue Orchids) - Cattle And Cane (The Go-Betweens) - Portrait (Five Or Six) - Eine Symphonie Des Grauens (The Monochrome Set) - All About You (Thomas Leer) - Plain Sailing (Tracey Thorn) - Some Things Don’t Matter (Ben Watt) - Love In Your Heart (Kevin Coyne) - Modi 2 (Piero Milesi) - Compulsion (Joe Crow) - Lazy Wars (Marine Girls) - My Face Is On Fire (Felt) - No Noise (Eyeless In Gaza) - Xoyo (The Passage) - On My Mind (Everything But The Girl) - A Bang And A Wimpy (Attila The Stockbroker) - I Unseen (The Misunderstood) - Don’t Blink (The Nightingales) - Stop The Music For A Minute (Quentin Crisp) - Place In The Sun (Marine Girls) - It’s A Fine Day (Jane) - Feathering The Nest (Kevin Hewick) - If She Doesn’t Smile (Fantastic Something) - New Risen (Eyeless In Gaza) - Jet Set Junta (The Monochrome Set) - Une Homme Et Une Femme (Morgan Fisher) - Penelope Tree (Felt) - The Watery Song (Maurice Deebank) - This Brilliant Evening (In Embrace) - I’m Used Now (Grab Grab The Haddock) - Taking Some Time On (BJH) - American Boy Soldier (Edgar Broughton Band) - Druid One (Third Ear Band) - Things May Come (Peter Brown) - The Good Mr.

She Turned So That Maybe a Third Of Her Face Was In This Fuckin' - 'sputin - Jes' Grew - Make Love 2 - Ah, Intruder! 1 - First And Last To Love Me (2, December) - Ebioso - Author Reflects On His Thirty-Fifth Birthday - Meaning A Visa - Two (Still in Half Light) - Soledad - Fool-Ology (The Song) - Lover Divides Time (To Hear How It Sounds) - India Song - Poem For Gretchen Ruth - New Fast - Velasquez - There Aren't These Things) Weird And Wonderful - Hello Or Goodbye (The Magnolias) - Grid Of Absence (Brick Supply) - Endless Fall (Lydia Lunch & Rowland S.

Howard) - The Ghost Of Lonnie Mack (The Beat Poets) - He's Dead (Suede) - Light Of Life (The Celibate Rifles) - God Cries (Zuzu´s Petals) - Everytime (Sofahead) - Slack (Bivouac) - Loretta's Scars (Pavement) - While You Were Out (Carter USM) - Sennen (Ride) - Jigsaw Blues (Nikki Sudden) - Here's Johnny (Blaggers ITA) - Springtime (Leatherface) - Buffalo Bill (The Boo Radleys) - Burning Hole (Crane) - My Right (Unsane) Mr Collector Turns You On - Why Dontcha (West, Bruce & Laing) - Stone County (Johnny Winter) - Sweet Burgundi (Tommy Bolin) - Mean Old Frisco Blues (Muddy Waters) - Priceless (Ronnie Wood) - Coo-Coo (Big Brother & The Holding Company Featuring Janis Joplin) - Let's Go Home (John Hammond) - For Yasgur's Farm (Mountain) - Slow Blues (Mick Taylor) 16 Tracks By The Great Singersongwriters Of Today - Fisherman's Blues (The Waterboys) - Sunshine On Leith (The Proclaimers) - This Beautiful Pain (Runrig) - Candle In The Wind (Elton John) - Anchorage (Michelle Shocked) - Don't Go (Hothouse Flowers) - My Old Friend The Blues (Eddi Reader) - Copperhead Road (Steve Earle) - Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed) - War Baby (Tom Robinson) - Cry Cry (Oysterband) - Find My Love (Fairground Attraction) - River Boat Song (J. Cale) - All The Way From America (Joan Armtrading) - Hawaiian Island World (World Party) Red Heaven - 20 Of Best From The Cherry Red Label - It's a fine day (Jane) - An mp speaks (Mc Carthy) - Plain sailing (Tracey Thorn) - Everybody's problem (Pulp) - On my mind (Marine Girls) - Sunbursts in (Eyeless In Gaza) - Xoyo (The Passage) - All about you (Thomas Leer) - Nicky (Momus) - Cat black (the wizard's hat) (Marc Bolan) - Watery Song (Maurice Deebank) - Trial of doctor Fancy (King Of Luxembourg) - Night and day (Everything But The Girl) - If she doesn't smile (Fantastic Something) Raccolta Differenziata 2 - Wait Until Tomorrow (Caetano Veloso/Gilberto Gil) - Trombonik Tanz (Don Byron) - Swedish Reggae (Piirpauke) - Al Fin Te Vi (Cachao) - Street Music (Dr Didg) - Our Spanish Love Song (Charlie Haden Quartet West) - Babuji Dheere Chalna (Geeta Duit) - Boeves Psalm (Lars Hollmer) - Zamba del Che (Daniele Sepe) - Flor Formosa (Travadinha) - Rah Yabki (Cheika Remitti) - Agolo (Angelique kidjo) - A Countess From Hong Kong (Thomas Beckmann) A Collection Of Some Of Britain's Most Influential Alternative Artists - Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys) - What Stanley Saw (Matt Johnson) - You Scare Me To Death (Marc Bolan) - On My Mind (Everything But The Girl) - History Of Rock 'n' Roll (Andy Partridge) - D'ya Think I'm Sexy (Hybrid Kids) - Celebration (Morgan-Fisher) - Hungry, So Angry (Medium, Medium) - Jet Set Junta (The Monochrome Set) - Die Liebe (Laibach) - Serpico (Prolapse) - Chenko (Red Box) - Goodbye Joe (Tracey Thorn) - Primitive Painters (Felt) - World (Blow-Up) - The Look Of Love (Martyn Bates) - The Sadness Of Things (Momus) Resurgence - The Hands Of Che Guevara (Jakko) - Wildlife Choir (Anthony Phillips) - Then And Now (Jakko) - Crimsworth (Extract) (Bill Nelson) - Lonely Swan (Holi) - The Tin Man (Boon) - Eastern Cool (Bj Cole) - No.

1 (Extract) (Peter Knight And Danny Thompson) - Ingenuity (Ultravox) - Dangerous Dreams (Jakko) - Begin To Burn (Bill Nelson) - Amnesty International Appeal For East Timor (Peter Gabriel) - Fourteen Black Paintings (Peter Gabriel) - Hands Touching Earth (Paul Moran) - Kolele Mai (Midnight Oil) - Priests Of The Golden Bull (Buffy Sainte-Marie) - East Timor (Ginger Baker) - Esquadrao Da Morte (Xutos & Pontapés) - Mothers Of The Disappeared (U2) - Minha Mae Timor Esta Chorando (Abe Ho Aloz) - Timor From Overseas (Mac Donald / Gang) - Breaking The Silence (Loreena Mc Kennitt) - Soldado Java (Agio Pereira) - An Indonesian Appeal (Anonymous) - Jiwaku Jiwaku (Abe Ho Aloz) - Casualties Of War (Susan Aglukark) - Timor (Yothu Yindi) - O Hele La (Abe Ho Aloz) - Self-Determination Day (Aloz) - Em Portugues Vos Amamos (Bonga) - Cantaloop (Us3) - Space Cowboy (Jamiroquai) - Midnight At The Oasis [Radio Version] (The Brand New Heavies) - Everyday [Bluey's 7" Mix] (Incognito) - Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out [Radio Mix] (Freak Power) - People In Tha Middle (Spearhead) - Feel So High (Des'ree) - Rebirth Of Slick [Cool Like Dat] (Digable Planets) - Feel The Music (Guru) - Been Thinking About You [Original Opaz Mix] (Martine Girault) - So What!

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