Brew dating on beer bottles

Before we decide to expand to any new state, we want to make sure we have enough beer first.

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Whenever possible, we try to source ingredients from our home state of Michigan.

This includes the honey we use in Hopslam, the cherry juice used in Cherry Stout and more. Our hops are primarily sourced from the Pacific Northwest, but we do use hops from other parts of the world as well.

A majority of what we brew is unfiltered, except for our lager brands, and we do not use finings in any of those.

With a few exceptions, everything that we package for distribution to bars and stores qualifies not only as vegetarian, but also as vegan.

We choose not to include this info because of the difference between absolute and perceived bitterness.

A great example is the difference between Two Hearted and Expedition Stout.Expedition Stout, a Russian Imperial Stout, actually has more IBUs than either.If you would still like to know more about a specific beer, please let us know. Our general philosophy, as set by our president and founder, Larry Bell, is that we be as GMO free as possible.Most of the barley we use is grown in the northern, central portion of the U. The water we use comes from an aquifer beneath the city of Kalamazoo.While IBU information can be very useful for home brewing a clone recipe, it does not always tell the entire story.Gluten comes not only from wheat but also barley, which is present in every beer we make.

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