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The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner brood first became a grandma when her eldest child, Kourtney gave birth to Mason Dissick on Dec. Since then, two more of Jenner's six children have added grandbabies to the mix.

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However you want to look at it, Kris Jenner's grandkid count is on the rise — and it very well go from six to nine in a matter of months.

February 2010 - January 2012Rumors swirled about Avril and Brody in early 2010, and while they didn't like being photographed together in the beginning, the two came to enjoy showing off their matching tattoos.

Right before reports emerged of her sister, Khloe, being pregnant, Kylie nearly broke the internet with rumors of her own.

Allegedly, Kylie is expecting a baby girl with her hip-hop airist boyfriend, Travis Scott, and is due in February 2018, reports , Kris Jenner has six grandchildren.

I couldn't be more in love with this woman and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

💍👰❤️🎉🎊A post shared by Brody Jenner (@brodyjenner) on WATCH: Brody Jenner Reveals He Never Hooked Up With Lauren Conrad on 'The Hills'"This trip has been memorable for many reasons... " Carter posted on her own Instagram account about the happy news, sporting her new ring., we probably won't see any Kardashians at the wedding."Kris [Jenner] and I...

picked up Brody Jenner's call-in talk show, they described him as a "sex connoisseur"—and while we have no way of proving his abilities in that, erm, arena (though he did tell us how to kiss), we [View image]( | []( __First Date:__ July 2013 __Love Story:__ Brody's third—yes, third—*Playboy* model.

__Fate:__ Broke up in November 2013 __Kaitlynn Carter__ [#iframe://

alum announced on Friday that he proposed to his girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter, earlier this week and posted a cute picture of a bikini-clad Carter giving him a sweet smooch."On May 4th 2016 I got engaged to my lover and my best friend @kaitlynn_carter," Jenner wrote.

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