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The season premiered on July 12, 2015, moving from Monday to Sunday nights.The fourth-season premiere acquired 1.90 million viewers and a 1.0 in the adults 18–49 rating demographic.Jackie got a text message from her daughter, who told her, Laura met with her.

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In the season two premiere, Malaysia's desire to bring Jackie back into the group has the ladies baffled.

Also Laura and Gloria find that despite being sisters, they've grown apart.

Bambi can’t understand why Laura ‘accepted’, Jackie’s apology and still behaved the way she did. Gloria talks about her relationship with her now husband Matt, she took a sabbatical from the relationship, for those that don’t know a Gloria decided this year that she and Matt would be keeping their relationship private, as it is working as she is now a happily married woman.

The audience and cast gasped when she stated that the cast wasn’t important enough to attend her wedding. They argue all the time and it’s up to Gloria who she invites to her intimate, spiritual, Las Vegas nuptial.

Granted Chantel was wrong also for talking to her mothers enemy too but given her position, can you blame her? Malaysia meets with Laura, who is without a bra and showing off golf ball sized nipples. Malaysia wants to know why Laura spoke to Chantel without Jackie knowing.

Jackie asked Laura about the phone call she had with her daughter. Laura claims that once her evil thoughts passed and she met with Chantel everything changed. One face for the camera, one for her ‘friends’ and the last face for her circus mirror. Gloria calls Marcus to see if they can all be booked on the same radio show as Draya – Childish much? The ladies head to a cooking class, except Draya as she is not feeling well and she drunk herself silly the night before.Jackie is looking sombre, maybe looking for sympathy from Bambi and Malaysia’s teeth.Gloria tells her she was trying to figure out why Draya wasn’t with them – how about asking her, ya dumb bunny! Brooke is getting heated as when she tries to talk to Draya, and tells her she acts like a ““, LOL!And that she had a radio interview the day before – Draya’s response seemed kind of iffy – I. Brooke may be real, but as a mother of 3 and a grown woman she needs to sit down and behave herself. Does VH1 still have it in their contracts to look out for flying fists and feet?John Salley the worst host, enjoys this mess, while they continue with the nonsense. Gloria also stated she is the reason there’s a spin-off. Draya states that she didn’t want anyone at her shoot.

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