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They had fucked her many times and she was badly hurt and later discovered she was pregnant.

Crooner If one of you is particularly good at singing, you could try doing a little private performance featuring a seductive song.

For example, nobody could resist the charms of Portishead's "Glory Box" no matter how hard they try.13.

He fucks her harder than ever before and covers her unwilling cry face in a smooth layer of warm cum.

My wife has always had a rape fantasy but not fulfilled until while I was working away from home her uncle who knew about her fantasy arranged for a couple of guys to molest her.

It means you always have someone there for you — to be your best friend, your shoulder to cry on and permanent dinner date. Porn Star Pick a porn you both like and reenact it together.5.

On-Camera Porn Stars Kick the previous idea up a notch and actually film yourselves having sex.

This will get the feelings flowing as you start to remember exactly what drew you to each other in the first place.9. Of course, if one isn't comfortable with a specific role, then certainly don't push yourselves into it, but if you are feeling flexible, changing it up could be fun.10. Then this time, you take over the upper role and dictate the conversation your bodies are having.11.

Your Favorite Movie Regardless of what it is, if you two have a sex scene or film you find particularly entrancing, act it out with one another and see how it feels.12.

If your partner is revealing a fantasy to you that makes you uncomfortable, try to keep in mind that they are allowing themselves to trust you with a part of themselves that is most likely hidden from others, says Dr. It takes a great deal of trust to be so vulnerable.

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