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The territory known as Beringia was NOT an ice mass, but rather dry megafauna as well as human hunters following, didn't happen suddenly: Mr.

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The greater part of the human story is beyond the range of traditional historical methods and can only be studied through the archaeological record.

Today, archaeologists regularly collaborate with scientists working in such disciplines as botany and physics in, for example, the analysis of environmental remains and the dating of ancient objects.

The populating of North America was a series of short migrations, a few miles out into the wilderness during the hunting season following the inherent seasonal migratory habits of game animals, then a few less miles back.

The immense distance from Asia to the tip of South America, took a huge number of short hops, layovers if you will, establishing hunting camps further and further east.

Far more sites have been compromised by legal endeavors than by all illegal activities combined.

That said, it is important for amateur archaeologist and artifact collectors to understand that illegal excavation of any site is illegal for a good reason, and should be left in the hands of legitimate institutions and archaeologists who can properly document and preserved the archaeological record.Ample evicendce, both in research done in archaeology and physical anthropology, shows that the American Indian wasn't the first group to enter North America.That said, events were so distant in time, and the clues so tantalizingly rare, that it will take more discoveries sure to be made in the future to answers to the questions of who, what, when and where these "firsts" the most, recent Ice Age, much of the Earth's water was locked up in the ice caps, the level of the oceans at time dropped by as much as 300 feet.Though the occupation of Arizona is one of uninterrupted human habitation, there are obviously blanks in the record.The evidence which will give us further insight into the lives of ancient people is surely here, just yet to be discovered either in excavation or in material already collected and in museums or private collections or in some stage of publication. Yet, despite the vast amounts of artifacts, the architecture, rock art, stone tools, ceremonial objects or skeletal remains, it is clear that all the archeologists and anthropologist is can do is interpret, make educated guesses as t what was in the minds of those people who lead their lives centuries or thousands of years Arizona is a story that is at least 12,000 years long.

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