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The Sanskrit term 'naga' means 'snake' and since the human nagas are seen as ascetics, and mystics, we can certainly extend that to the concept of kundalini and take that all of the way back to the Mahabharata and possibly earlier literature wherever the term 'naga' appears.

However, with the exception of the naga term used for the naked ascetic we find little other reference in support of snake imagery being associated with charismatic phenomena in early Brahmanic and Vedic literature and art.

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The Sanskrit word ku NDalini is the feminine form of ku NDalin 'coiled', from the word ku NDala 'ring, coil'.

Some say Sanskrit got the word and the concept of coiling, as of string coiled into a ball, from Tamil, however, I am more inclined to believe it came from the Greek who have many snake references in their mysticism, such as the caduceus of Hermes, and they are inclined to use terms that begin with a hard ‘k’ sound, whereas Sanskrit has few terms that begin with the hard ‘k’ sound, which further suggests this borrowing.

This serpent is considered to be feminine in the Shivait cults, and is called by them ‘Shakti,’ after the female consort of their male deity, Shiva. The myth of kundalini is that during the process of spiritual awakening the kundalini can be uncoiled so that it ascends up the spinal column through the seven chakras (spiritual centers) to the crown of the head at the moment of enlightenment.

The word has entered English because of widespread interest in yoga and occult power.

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