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When a nightly news broadcast’s teleprompter fails just before airtime, its replacement makes for a much more watchable show.

The news team and the whole studio remain oblivious throughout to the fact that anything being said or done is out of the ordinary.

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New teacher Miss Fox is surprised by student Dario’s undeserved popularity. A mostly forgotten pagan god toys with two missionaries, a mother and her daughter, who visit his house over the course of six weeks.

But when she tries to lay down some discipline, he teaches her a hard lesson in respect. He slowly convinces them that dressing like and being sluts is the best way for them to share their message.

A frustrated equipment manager wants to reverse the fortunes of the college’s loser football team and its winning cheerleader squad using Weaver Tunes, but a moment of confusion leads to wholly unforeseen, even more beneficial changes. However, one of the tracks he downloads from Weaver Tunes, a site whose free-to-download songs change the listener mentally and/or physically.

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