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One of my friends who ministers to Christian Teen girls and boys recently lamented: “Christian teens are confused.They get preached to endlessly about things like courtship and dating, and the dangers of having sex before marriage, but have little real from those at home or in the church.And I will do all I can to stop that lie that continues to perpetuate and rob our children, and often brings shame to the picture of Christ and his bride.

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You’re welcome to disagree, but only in the vein of sincere discussion.

I was a victim of the dating system, as probably most of you were; so unfortunately I speak from experience, not from a “prudish, weird, unattainable model that only middle eastern countries embrace. I wasn’t the poor girl that got left out of the dating system, lest you think I’m just bitter 😉 If I’m bitter, it’s because I was fed a lie from a culture that doesn’t care about purity, truth and how dating affects marriage.

Christian teens love dating and Myspace, and they also have sex just as frequently as their non-Christian teen friends. Like salmon swimming against the current, Christians teens who are serious about Jesus are also in battle for spiritual survival.

The bottom line here: Christian Teens struggle just like adult single Christians.

I blog about this topic for ONE reason: because I ache over the flippancy believers have toward preparing their children for marriage.

I think we have embraced a system that is not of God, and worse, defend it to those who would dare question it.It’s one of my most passionate topics (no pun intended)–the debate over America’s system of recreational dating.I’ll say up front, this is a topic I am burdened about as it relates to Christians; many find my stance absurd, and I would fully expect that unbelievers would as well, so if your comment is simply an attack or jab, please refrain.She offers everything to fulfil your naughtiest fantasies and will always leave... With delicious sexy proportions, Lauren is a stunning and classy lady, with irresistible kissable lips. LONDON ANGELS ESCORTS BREE **PARTY BABE**GFE**A LEVEL**FK**OWO**CIM**COUPLES**DUO**24HRS** Fantastic BREE is a young European godess.* OPEN-MINDED * ALL SERVICES * COUPLES * English Rose Escorts are very excited to introduce to you our fantastic NEW FRENCH escort * ERIKA * our ALL SERVICES escort, OPEN-MINDED and EXTREMELY ADVENTUROUS as pretty much ANYTHING goes... Beautiful, charming and funny, each adventure with Narina is unique, fun and naughty! Listen to find out some ways to enjoy dating more as a teen.

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