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She was going to die, today, here in this hospital.And she was never going to hold her baby.” 27 hours after Liz gave birth to their daughter Madeline, she suffered from a pulmonary embolism; a blood clot that would block her lungs and kill her, almost instantly.

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However, this guy found one pretty unique way to cope…

Matt met Liz Goodman during both of their high school senior years, at an area gas station.

However, Matt decided not to continue on with a Ph. after graduating, so he could be with his high school sweetheart, and moved to California instead.

After Matt moved to California to be with Liz, it was clear this couple were destined to be together forever.

If ever there was a moment that sums up the word bittersweet, this would be it.

Matt was torn between the elation he felt at welcoming his new daughter into the world, who was alive and well, and the utter devastation he felt at losing his wife.

Liz was helped into a wheelchair, as is common with new moms, but she complained of feeling light-headed. At first, the nurses put Liz’s fainting down to something common that happened with new moms.

After all, giving birth is no easy task, especially as Liz had been through a difficult pregnancy. He knew that something wasn’t quite right with his beloved wife.

Matt felt absolutely overwhelmed by grief but knew that he wouldn’t be able to raise his daughter alone if he let it consume him.

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