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We’re talking about the potential for an absolute credit freeze that will make the situation in New York spread across this country almost overnight.

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My latest prep is putting to good use all those free discarded wooden survey stakes I’ve picked up on my daily walks.

They now are attached to my basement shelving in groups of three’s horizontally to help hold the canned goods and jars in place in case of earth movement.

Those 99% of people, like the victims of Sandy before the storm hit, simply can’t imagine a world where their daily conveniences are no longer available. It’s happened in small-scale scenarios around the world over the course of the last decade, and it’s happened on regional and global scales throughout history.

There are a variety of catalysts that can set off such an event – and one of these days the trigger is going to get pulled (if it hasn’t been already).

Would those who didn’t prep for Sandy listen this time in order to save their families? I share this site with my neighbors and friends who seem open-minded.

Please note that we advertise the latest positions only.

It is trying to make those that still have their heads buried in the sand at the beach totally unaware of the tsunami coming towards them,” that would be LITERALLY prophetic for the East Coast of our country in the event of the La Palma landslide and subsequent mega-tsunami.

I wonder how many who endured Sandy’s recent disaster would read about the landslide on their electronic devices and use those few hours before the tsunami reached the Eastern Seaboard to take action by getting the hell out of Dodge several miles inland.

What if monetary easing by the Federal Reserve causes price increases so drastic that current employee wages or nutritional assistance allotments provide only a couple of days worth of food?

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