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By February 1941 more than 10,000 had been freed, and by the following summer, only 5,000 were left in internment camps.Many of those released from internment subsequently contributed to the war effort on the Home Front or served in the armed forces.

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Internees organised educational and artistic projects, including lectures, concerts and camp newspapers.

At first married women were not allowed into the camps to see their husbands, but by August 1940 visits were permitted, and a family camp was established in late 1941.

As regards British citizens interned by the Nazis, in September 1942 the Germans sent 2,000 British-born civilians from the Channel Islands to internment camps in Germany.

Another 200 were deported in January 1943, as a reprisal for a British commando raid.

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More than 7,000 internees were deported, the majority to Canada, some to Australia.

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