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Women can be put in situations to comply or you may lose your job.

So is this someone that would be desirable to date ?

If your significant other got naked in front of strangers for money, is that ok for you ?

From a general perception the clientele of a strip club may conjure up visions of dirty old men or businessmen out of town or maybe even some not so savory characters like drug dealers who have lots of cash to spend.

Whoever the customer is, a stripper takes her cloths off in public for money.

So according to my friend, 9 out of 10 times this type of girl is exactly who a club owner recruits.

Customers like the innocent girl and she loves all the attention, not to mention, free drinks and money.

All questions to just set the backdrop but not where I’m headed with this story.

The obvious issues are how does someone who flaunts their body for a living expect to be in a serious relationship ? Here is a recent story of a stripper who has done it.

I wrestled with my decision, and ultimately asked for his number the next time I saw him.

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