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In the near term, they'll have to succeed largely on their entertainment value, because many of the new markets won't get local content right away.

Only Chicago will get local videos when the service is launched there Monday.

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Video-on-demand subscribers can select from a menu of thousands of programs to watch when they please.

Digital cable packages that include On Demand start at about $62 a month; Comcast says about 90 percent of the on-demand programs are free. There's no charge to watch the videos, or to have your own video added to the list.

Comcast's Bay Area digital cable subscribers can watch the free videos but won't have any local singles to date until later this year.

The two-to-five-minute clips let eligible bachelors and bachelorettes explain who they are and what they want in a mate.

The New York company also hosts live meetings throughout the country that let singles size up potential partners during a series of four-minute minidates.

Some of the video profiles were shot at those events.The service was conceived as Comcast was "trying to think of what the next evolution of on-demand programming would be," said Page Thompson, general manager of Comcast's On Demand service."We wanted something that would not exist on a linear channel." Those linear channels are TV as most of us know it — channels showing programs one after the other.Comcast says the dating videos attracted about 1 million views since they were quietly added to the cable company's video-on-demand menu as a local experiment in August.It has been supported by almost no advertising or promotion.The immediate payoff for Comcast is content that it hopes will convince its basic subscribers to upgrade to digital — and keep them from defecting to satellite TV.

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