Definition of online dating terms

Systems that deal with these transfers are often referred to as Health Information Exchange (HIE).

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Quit Coach takes users through lessons that are grouped into modules that provide information and assignments to complete.

The modules guide participants through steps such as preparing to quit smoking, stopping smoking and preventing relapse.

Such an actions may avoid the cost of an expensive visit to the hospital.

A common example of a back-end exchange is when a patient on vacation visits a doctor who then may request access to the patient's health records, such as medicine prescriptions, x-ray photographs, or blood test results.

According to this definition, e Health literacy encompasses six types of literacy: traditional (literacy and numeracy), information, media, health, computer, and scientific.

Of these, media and computer literacies are unique to the Internet context, with e Health media literacy being the awareness of media bias or perspective, the ability to discern both explicit and implicit meaning from media messages, and to derive meaning from media messages.e Health literacy has the potential to both protect consumers from harm and empower them to fully participate in informed health-related decision making.One of the factors blocking the use of e-Health tools from widespread acceptance is the concern about privacy issues regarding patient records, most specifically the EPR (Electronic patient record).Various medical practises in chronic patient care (such as for diabetic patients) already have a well defined set of terms and actions, which makes standard communication exchange easier, whether the exchange is initiated by the patient or the caregiver.In general, explanatory diagnostic information (such as the standard ICD-10) may be exchanged insecurely, and private information (such as personal information from the patient) must be secured.Since about 2011, the increasing recognition of the need for better cyber-security and regulation may result in the need for these specialized resources to develop safer e Health solutions that can withstand these growing threats.

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