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It might have happened to you that you're trying to restore your i Phone but no matter what you do, i Phone won't restore because an i Tunes error 21 or i Phone Error 21 keeps popping up!

error updating mac-77

If there's a real problem, this method will be helpless before it, but if the i Phone Error 21 is a temporary glitch, this should take care of it.

You remember how I mentioned that the i Tunes Error 21 is a result of the i Tunes being blocked.

will identify the i Phone model and offer the latest i OS version for you to download.

Simply click 'Download' and wait for the process to complete.

In listing out the different methods by which you could fix i Phone Error 21, we haven't discrimi-nated between the different methods.

We believe you should have the ultimate power of decision so we've listed them all, along with their pros, cons, and risks.

This would lead to considerable data loss, as opposed to the alternative of

The i Tunes Error 21 might be caused because of an outdated or corrupt software.

It's sorta' like defusing a bomb, cut the wrong wire and your device goes boom! However, if you do it right, you might be able to fix i Phone Error 21.

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