Exotic dancer dating dating someone who has lupus

One of them spoke 5 languages, was a world traveler and one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. If you think about it, you can find a problem with anything.

If you carry yourself with respect, generally people will treat you with respect. So, let’s look at the positive side of being a dancer.

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I am not an exotic dancer and people judge me on a daily basis. It's the same thing, people with narrow feeble little minds will jump to conclusions without knowing the facts and assume all are the same based on the actions of few. exotic dancing is one of them."I'm wondering, does the occupation of Priest have the same suspicions?

Remember, Jesus was never good enough for anybody; and neither am I, so don’t feel bad.

I did it just because I am also in the entertainment business and liked having a hot sought after woman on my arm and in my bed.

I lived with a dancer for three years and I hated her life. I can't imagine any guy wanting to deal with it for long.

Just like the one who mentioned your spelling, he was quick to jump on tossing stones. At least I got something from her for little money down. What do you really know about anything untill you have lived it ? I'm not high and mighty I just know that world too well. I will tell you, I have traveled the world many times over, and your little nook and little corner of the world is not everything. then theres a dancer like myself and others like me ....

If you are true to yourself and have respect for who you are, then who cares what others think. to me he would better then what ive met thus far thanks guys for making me feel better :)Replace the word dancer with man or woman and you'll have your answer. They don't know and won't ever take the time to know the truth."Unfortunately, some occupations come with suspicions ... that walks in there and thinks to her self...i walked in with nothing even if i make 20 tonight its more then what i walked in with ..all of us do that shit!

If you're happy doing what you do and you share with them what you do, if they can't accept it or start treating you differently, then move on to others who will accept you for you. Well I was going to write a different type of reply, but when you have a name like sugababe what do you expect? I've dated dancers before and have known several as friends. No matter what anyone does for a living, there will always be people that disapprove.

Some fit every negative stereotype out there, other's did not. So, ask yourself this question: What line of work is respectable?

With that said, your going to have a hard time shaking that stereotype.

Hell, when I tell ladies I have a degree in Geology, geek often comes to their mind.

I would recommend that you distance yourself from those who cannot cope. What I think is funny about this thread is every guy who is condoning the selling of your body for profit to a whole bunch of horny losers willing to spend five or six bucks a beer to ogle young naked women on perv row are trying to score points with a woman who they will never meet or could ever have a chance with :)By the way honey at 33 the game is about over. "If YOU like the person you are, and if YOU like what you do, does any of the rest of it really matter? Although, I am sure they're be the bible thumper coming in and saying "your hurting yourself and others by taking off your clothes." But then again, no one was hold guns to these peoples heads telling them to enter the club."but the reality is, people in general (pre) judge others based on the way they act/present themselves."Interesting......do YOU present/ act around other people when your not working?

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