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she then stopped and moved her ass towards my little bro and rubbed her pussy all over my little bro to the point that he was covered in her pussy juice.she then started to slide her pussy towards my face and made sure she left a trail of her juice on my body, and started with the bbbj again while i daty.As i nearly finished my cig, she put another condom on me and continued to give me a cbj. As i played with her breast, she wanted me to grab them harder, which i tried but it wasn’t enough for her so she squeezed it with my hands. goin hard for 1hr 15min straight is already a record for me, but i still yet to blow my load...

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but in the shower she gave me a quick standing nuru style wash and continued to play with my little bro which made me want to book her again at 3am...... even then i really wanted to try atleast 6 more of the girls in the line up... I then saw a couch at the top of the stairs and wondered if I was supposed to wait there. Booked in advance and this time was even more passionate. Boss comes by, presents several lovely ladies and to be honest i forgot who was who because there were so many and all with similar names (coco,dodo, bobo, yaya, etc) until Amy walks in.

there was one especially 1 super busty petite Korean hottie that smiled at me while she walked pass..... She had alot of strength and did some advanced moves The other girl that smiled at me: Face: 9/10 Body : 10/10 Breast :10/10 (looked real and super busty! I kept walking and had to make my way through some corridors before meeting the papasan. Amy is a instant stunner in black lingerie and body art. Into the room we go and as we were undressing, we started with some chitchat her english is quiet good (probably better than mine even).

As i started to daty, i also used my fingers to make her feel good....

maybe alittle too much as she screamed “IKU IKU” so loud and squirted all over me.... after that interesting event she slowly moved towards my little bro and inserted him into her pussy. as she was doing reverse cowgirl i got too excited and nearly blew my load.

After a few seconds i just grabbed her and started thrusting to the point where i cant feel my legs anymore... as i said “iku” she jumped off, ripped of the condom and finished me off with a bbbj and a cim whitout me asking for it!!! Sex Worker's Name: Coco Session Month: November Session Year: 2017 Type of Service: Parlour Worker Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $225 Location where session took place: New South Wales Session Day: Weekday Session Time: Evening Estimated Age: 26 - 30 Estimated Ethnic Group: Asian Origin Hair Colour: Dark Hair Length: Long Eyes Colour: Brown Skin Colour: Pale Height: Short - Under 160 cm / 5'3`` Body Shape: Slim Kissing Available: Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing) Blowjob: Yes, BBBJ (Natural Oral) DATY / Oral On Her: Unsure Overall Looks: Beautiful Overall Personality: Fun Overall Performance: Out of this world!

She continued even after i blew, but very gently because she knew i was very sensitive at that time, made sure all my cum was all out and into her mouth (im pretty sure she swallowed it because she didn’t spit it out.....). hope she still around so i can ask Jessie to get her to sign Thank you Jessie for the birthday present and thank you Ayumu Kase for the best time in my life!!! So I got a msg from 42g 12pm saying there were lots of girls - yeah time to check it out I planned to beat the rush so went at 7 pm About 15 girls and some already with clients - 42g is really at the top of their game these this point in time i need a cig to get some energy. I never thought i would be havin a cig and getting a bbbj from a JAV star in my life...As i lit one up she ripped off the condom and started with the very very sloppy (alot of saliva... but here i was enjoying and cig while she enjoys a cigar (my little bro). As i was goin hard in doggy style, she was moaning quite loud and i accidently slipped out... So i inserted it and took it out, then did it again and again, then pulled her up so i can play with her breast while banging her.Once i finally got her to slow down, i told her to twist around and face me so i can start goin at it while she was on top. So i sat up while stretchin my legs and allowed her to continue to make me feel awesome.After a 2min of goin all out, something bad happened.... After the cramp went away i laid her down and started goin nice and slowly in missionary (didnt want to cramp up again), but she didn’t allow that...overall she was by far the best JAV pornstar i had (3rd one ive had). Jessie also told me she isn’t the last JAV they are getting and that her manager and him are working on the next one as i type this review. I almost left the brothel through another exit before I realised I was going the wrong way. Just enough time and she told me we had nonstop foreplay, kissing and 69 for 40mins. I initially assumed she was Chinese or south east Asian because she has a darker olive skin, but to my surprise she's from South Korea.

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