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The second, Series B, was the first intentional use of the trope. The Trope Maker is frequently also the Trope Codifier, but not always.

The third, Series C, does not claim originality, and may in fact have ripped off series B, but was much more popular than Series A B and is the template that all later uses of this trope follow. In particular, when the Trope Maker is a work of outstanding quality, the Trope Codifier may often be a story that shows how lesser authors can do a good imitation.

Conversely, a great writer may gather up many old tropes and polish them to a shine, codifying them for later generations.

Occasionally somebody rediscovers a Forgotten Trope. The Trope Codifier may be the first theme park version or Pragmatic Adaptation.

I got the system analysts (SA's) at both ends on the phone and in ten minutes had connectivity to their test and production environments.

Access was applied for and granted to relevant individuals and applications, and application coding could begin.

Examples should be of Trope Codifiers that aren't Trope Makers themselves. If a Trope Codifier is particularly influential, and the Trope Maker a little twisted you may have an Unbuilt Trope.

Even the Trope Codifier itself may qualify as Unbuilt Trope because it tends to frequently contradict modern interpretations of said trope (and indeed most Trope Codifiers often have several major Unbuilt Tropes).

If the trope is Older Than They Think, the Codifier is usually for the Trope Maker.

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