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Chronicling his life from birth until his historic election, the book educates readers on how Obama's life experiences shaped his decisions and career path.

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They grow apart, as some friends tend to do, but they keep weaving in and out of each other’s lives; what happens to these young women is incredible (and at times, horrifying).

Read this with your friend when you want to assure her you’re not going anywhere, and that you’ll always have her back.

One day, he gets so wrapped up in his game that he forgets to feed his dog, Patches.

When he finally gets around to feeding her, he realizes that he has forgotten to latch the gate and Patches has escaped.

She has been a classroom teacher, principal, supervisor, and curriculum consultant.

Currently, Susan is an Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Education at Ashland University.

Assessments Two different resources help you determine how well students are performing in literature circles.

You use the Self-Evaluation form to teach students how to monitor their own participation in groups.

Self-Evaluation The Self-Evaluation engages students in planning how they'll participate in groups and in monitoring their own participation.

Susan resides in Massillon, Ohio, where she recently retired after 30 years in public education.

Reading is typically an activity done in solitary, right? Call it a two-person book club, call it bonding over literature — the point is that you’re sharing something amazing with your best friend.

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