Get best results online dating

Don’t even bother signing up for a free membership.

And definitely don’t give them your hard earned money.

The ultimate goal was to set-up as many offline dates with women as possible.

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It seemed like half of the women we contacted were bots.

Most of the advice articles on our website are written from a male perspective. However, these dating sites are advantageous for women as well.

We recommend you not not join the singles dating sites listed below.

The 10 sites we reviewed above that did not crack our Top 5 Best Singles Sites should be completely avoided.

The purpose of these reviews was to locate not only the top singles dating sites, but to also discover the overrated and over-hyped sites. Our results on these The sites listed in this Top 5 best singles sites are dating sites we absolutely recommend.

Unfortunately, we found that most of the sites were garbage. They are high quality sites because of the amount of decent women signed up and the amenities offered (site features).

A good online dating site is one that is beneficial towards both genders and sexual orientations.

We feel that a true dating site caters towards everyone that is looking for a long-term relationship.

The “Dates Set-up” figures are the total number of FIRM dates we set-up.

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