Get your ex boyfriend back he dating your best friend

This is when you'll be concentrating on yourself, and trying not to notice what's going on with your ex.

She'll be excited about her new man, and forget all about you - temporarily, of course.

During this time there's nothing you can do to change things, so don't even try.

Some of these include subtly inserting yourself into a position between your ex and her new boyfriend, reestablishing a neutral trust, and using the past as a tool to pry your way back into her thoughts.

Making that initial connection is tricky, so learn the right (and wrong) ways to do it.

Getting back your ex girlfriend requires you to show very opposite traits: strength and confidence.

It's actually the second most difficult thing for men to do: not contact your ex girlfriend.

The sooner you can do this, the faster you can get started on the path to reconciliation.

Fighting her on it, trying to get her to change her mind...

these things are counterproductive and will always hurt your chances.

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