online dating sites for parents - Girls on dating sites are deceiving

It sucks that women do this, and I've read theories behind it stating that it is because women expect physical flaws to be overlooked if you like the person.That's bullshit to me, especially in the arena of online dating.

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There are way too many lies and hangups online, more so than in meat space. To top it off, her boobs were weird shaped and different sizes. Everything she said about being an active runner was a lie, she was not going to be able to run a half marathon with me. Most people that avoid body shots are some sort of out of shape, whether they're fat or nothing but skin and bones.

I am tired of "shopping" for a mate as well, if one comes by and grabs my attention then so be it. They're probably self-conscious about it and avoiding the issue all together is a whole lot easier than having their insecurities confirmed.

I think misleading pics are always an issue when you see a pic first.

What really blows my mind is the people who post ugly pics of themselves online.

No experience, but wanted to say you aren't shallow.

We are allowed to have preferences and specific likes and dislikes.So I recently became single and , LSs, decided to join a dating site.I come across a lot of pretty girls, but they'll have 12 pictures of just their face and none of their entire body.If they do have a body shot it's from 3 years ago or covered by an elaborate costume.A few of them I talked with enough to eventually meet for coffee, and id say about 75% of the time they turned out to be much larger than they led on.If that's the image they want to convey to the world, good god, what do they look like in person?

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