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Insider Tip: Escape the urban sprawl with a daytrip out to Loloata, a 23-key island resort 15 minutes from downtown Port Moresby.

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Roadblocks and unannounced identification checks are likely.

Carry an appropriate form of identification (passport or residence permit) with you at all times.

Insider Tip: Villages are welcoming and the region is safe, but a guide is essential for navigating the Sepik’s varying cultural practices and crocodile-laden waters.

Sepik Adventure Tours has knowledgeable guides and a tony reputation in the region for supporting local drivers and purveyors.

Before the crowds arrive, check out the hottest happenings on the other side of the world.

In Rabaul, a tropical island off the northeastern coast of Papua New Guinea, the breezy beach resorts along the Bismarck Sea have access to 30 year-round scuba sites with the highest diversity of fish and coral in the world.

But the city is rapidly evolving; tourism infrastructure is being improved and hotel rooms multiplying in advance of the Pacific Games, which the city will host in 2015.

In the meantime, consider local attractions like the renovated Port Moresby Nature Park, which recently opened a new café, welcome center, and function space alongside its collection of indigenous animals, some 11,000 native orchids, and an aviary housing diverse birds of paradise within a former WWII military storage structure.

There’s an Honorary Consul who can provide advice and assistance.

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