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""If she is the brunette who is glaring at us, do not worry." Laughed Miley. Calm down, please." Oliver mediated, as soon as he heard the complete names. "What I was wondering was when you were going to tell me you were dating ... Miley took over, "We go together to High School, meet you at the lockers and all three go to class together.""We eat together, provided that Oliver has no girl to pick up ..." Lilly added mischievously. " Repeated Lilly making sparks with eyes."Films on Fridays or Saturdays," Miles continued listing."Sleep-over at one or oth-" ... How could she prove to Oliver that she and Lilly were not dating?

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This is a Hannah Montana fanfiction Disclaimers: I do not own Hannah Montana. Summary: Oliver has been acting strange lately and his two best friend want to know the reason... It was their last year of High School and Miley Stewart (secret pop star Hannah Montana) and her best friend Lillian (Lilly) Truscott were having a soda at their favourite beach place: Rico's. Discuss the strange behaviour of the third member of the inseparable trio: Oliver Oken."What do you think is wrong with him? Oliver, the Magnificent, has a new phone number right here, in the palm of his hand! Oliver," Lilly hesitated, "I'm sorry to tell you this, but I think it is a little fuzzy.""What!?

Her father is the country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus and her mother is Leticia.

Miley has a younger brother, Braison and a younger sister, Noah (who is also an actress).

(Sometimes Oliver was like that to make a point) and started:"Whatever. We pick up each other to school, or eat dinner together almost every day ... ""We do not hold hands.""Miles, we do.""Okay, okay. At this rate Oliver would never believe that Miley and her were just friends."Wow!

You may be right." Miley conceded thoughtfully, "But we do not do typical couple things." She counter-attacked."Like what? ""Miles, we do constantly," Replied Lilly, depressed, sinking further into her chair.

Shaking his head to get rid of those thoughts, he decided it was time to exit quietly of the scene. "I think his brain just had an overload of unsavoury images.""How about a movie in my house? Then I do not ...""Lilly." Miles repeated more firmly. After rolling her eyes, Miles took Lilly's face gently between her hands and with such sweetness that nobody could have ever believed, she kissed her best friend. Continue please, we were leaving already to my room." Robbie Ray said, moving in the darkness with a hand over his eyes and the other feeling his way toward the stairs. When they calmed down, took their starting positions, returning to watch the film. Miley stroking Lilly's hair."So.." Lilly inquired from her position.

And why he was suddenly assaulted with images of his two best friends kissing? I'll ask the number to that so charming girl again before she gets wrinkles. The two friends laughed loudly."Poor thing, Oliver." Lilly said between hiccups, trying to catch her breath. how to say it…" The beautiful blonde hesitated sitting up. "The only reason for us not dating was that we had not kissed ... and I thought that maybe, just maybe, if we tried it and felt something..." She continued embarrassed and wringing her hands "Well, you do not have to say anything, it is just a suggestion and ...""Lilly.""...

'That's how much I love those pigs.'The dog-loving millennial has a virtual farm populated with 17 known pets, including a swine called Pig-Pig (formerly known as Bubba Sue) she adopted back in 2014. 2 actress is really planning on walking down the aisle with her on/off fiancé, The Duel heartthrob Liam Hemsworth.

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