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I tried to find answers online, but I found nothing. I should point out that I also saw very expensive “hair experts” who told me I wasn’t losing my hair. Like they would know better than me, I’ve only live in this body… Of course if I revisited those same doctors today they wouldn’t be telling me that now.

I went to so-called “hair experts” also known as dermatologists who aren’t any wiser than the other dermatologists, but just know how to capitalize on the vulnerability of women. This certainly isn’t one of those instances where you want to be right and say “I told you so.” I resolved myself to the fact that it must be androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness) and as such treated it accordingly.

My mom saved my hair from my first hair cut and I wish I could do something with it…it would be a nice art project.

I inspect my scalp daily, hunting for new hair…hoping it would sprout from one of the dormant follicles.

I’ve stood in front of the mirror with a razor in hand, thinking about why I should or shouldn’t just shave it off!

My hair loss began after having stopped taking the birth control pill Loestrin FE.

Later I found out that it is or at least was, an extremely high androgen index pill. Certainly not me and certainly not my gynecologist who prescribed it to me.

One woman sat next to me while getting a manicure and said, “you just look so perfect! ” I just blushed and thanked her but deep down I said, “if she only knew!

” Some days, I forget I wear a wig unless I get a reminder…the elements, or people’s stares as if they’re trying to figure me out! I just wanted to shave my head so bad, I want this to all be over with already, after all that is the direction I’m heading in.

I just want it to stop falling out and to perhaps reclaim a little of what has been lost this last year.

That would still leave me with thin hair but it would be enough to get by. I am stuck on taking Orthotricyclen, basically forever, because I can not chance stopping for fear of having an increase in the mass shedding I already am already experiencing.

I know everything about situations consuming your thoughts elevating your depression and crying giant pool size amounts of tears…Why do you allow it to consume you?

For me, I thought about mind over matter and decided to tell myself that “it’s under control”…i wear a wig, I get dressed…I may not always feel 100% put together but at least i’m not suffering from dry, frizzed out, colored or permed hair…Speaking of noticing things…there are so many full-header’s that don’t even properly manage their own hair.

The shedding I experience today on a continual basis is of the same magnitude as when I first stopped the pill, the difference is, back then I had a ton of hair, so there was some to spare.

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