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She did not know how but her hand was playing with her private parts (she did not remember thinking I would like to play with my self).There were people around what was she doing all she could think of was the doggy cum on her neck and chin.She sits down and starts to dream about what has just happend (did it really happen) yes was the thought as she was wet again just thinking about it. She lived close to a wood were there were picnic areas for people to sit as the dogs ran round the woods.

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She starting to think about the red cock touching her lips and the taste of the dog cum, it was a bit salty but she thought it had like a metallic taste not a bad taste just hard to explain.

She looked around and there was no one there she shouted for her dog.

She is feeling nervous the woman (she looks about 35 yrs young) ask; could she sit beside her while her husband walks the dog.

The girl (is 23yrs young) says yes not knowing what to do (the dog is still licking her love lips under the table).

Girl has noticed the dogs red cock is getting bigger she cannot keep her eyes of it.

Girl brings her hand down to her love hole and the dog is following her hand.

Her hand slips and makes contact with the dogs cock pouch.

He is playing with her rubbing his head into the bed and rolling over she is rubbing his belly the dog is liking the attention.

She moves her hand away and starts to stroke the dogs head. She has a naughty look on her face, you can see what she is thinking (should I touch him again? She looks sheepish but her hand goes down again, but this time she is rubbing it the little red end is coming out. She looks so surprised after a couple of seconds she finds herself feeling between her legs she is dripping wet. She offers her wet hand to the dog and murmurs would you like to taste me?

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