Javascript for validating textbox in asp net

Either you add it directly to the Text Box on the aspx page.

But in that case Visual Studio will throws a warning though not an issue since Visual studio checks for Server Side events while onkeydown a client side event.

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Validation is testing to determine whether the user entered into the field.

After you determine that something was entered, you can then also check to see whether what was entered is a number or a character and if it is in the correct format.

When you used server-side validation with ASP 3.0, if something the user entered was wrong, you could repost the form and ask the user to correct the information in that particular field of the form.

Sometimes, you carried the correct input from the other fields back to the form page, and populated the fields for the users so they didn't have to re-enter the same information again.

This paper introduces these new controls and discusses tips and tricks on working with them in practical scenarios.

(34 printed pages) Introduction Looking at Validation The Required Field Validator Control The Compare Validator Control The Range Validator Control The Regular Expression Validator Control The Custom Validator Control The Validation Summary Control Conclusion In your studies of ASP.

for the next requirement of yours ie., for checking if it is 6 letters followed by 6 numbers, i suggest that u can use the regular expression validator control and get the text box validated.

Say if u have a txt box labeled "txtuserid" and a label to display error "lbl Error" u can use the following function in java script to check the length and display error if the length is less than 12.

Data collection on the Internet is one of its most important features, so you must make sure that the data you collect has value and meaning.

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