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Hello thanks for the look but I'm just window shopping. I am married and I'm stuck at home through the day and just looking for people to chat and maybe become friends with.

Hi..i am john Phillips by name and i am from Arizona, currently single with no kids.i work well to live well and i have my own house.

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Teaching wasn't the right fit, however, and she continued to work in a local hospital as a medical technologist.

Through CMU's Global Campus, she was able to pursue a Master of Arts degree in education: health care, completed in 1985.

It was quite a bit smaller in those days," Paulette said.

She enrolls in one or two courses every year through the tuition- and fee-free senior citizen program, immersing herself in subjects like philosophy and religion.

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However, the pair has reportedly decided to take some time to “regroup,” and could decide to re-examine what went wrong and decide whether or not they can fix it sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, cameras have been rolling on all of the drama between John Cena and Nikki Bella for E!

They celebrated their honeymoon in Tokyo and returned to their new home in Misawa, where Paulette taught elementary school on the military base.

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