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He called his religious visions “fits of giddiness.” Two years into his priesthood in Cupertino, the eccentric Joseph was in a procession honoring the feast day of St.

Joseph personally and in many cases were eyewitnesses to the wonderful events of his life. Joseph’s lifetime his confusing behavior alarmed church officials and others. Levitation events have been observed in other world religions, for example, for the Hindu mystics, Nagendranath Bhaduri and Gyaneshwara.

At that time levitation and visions were often confused with witchcraft and demonic possession, even though levitation events had been reported for other Christian saints, for example, St. Is the levitation of saints purely a miracle or is there a scientific explanation for this phenomenon? Andrews University in Scotland announced a major breakthrough which “elevated levitation from being pure science fiction to science fact.” The scientists, Professor Ulf Leonhardt and Dr.

Joseph of Cupertino' data-link=' data-app-id='14228466' data-app-id-name='post_above_content' When Jesus walked on water, St. It happened during a storm and Peter became afraid.

He started to sink and called out to Jesus for help.

For millennia the incident has been interpreted and explained as a testimonial of faith.

The common belief is simply this: If Peter had maintained his faith in the Lord, he wouldn’t have sunk.

They recalled his ability to read their minds and his visions of future events, such as the death of a pope before it was known to the population. Joseph, whose life was marked by ecstasies and levitations, died in 1663. At the Vatican library are thirteen volumes documenting his elevation to sainthood.

These books contain numerous testimonies of witnesses (including princes, cardinals, bishops and doctors) who knew St.

Joseph would drop to his knees into praye In order to cure him of this, broken plates were fastened to his habit, but the punishment didn’t work.

Finally he was defrocked and expelled from the monastery. In his early twenties Joseph Desa was finally admitted to a Franciscan monastery as a servant.

On one occasion while out begging he flew into a tree.

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