Mark sanford still dating mistress

Well, that Christmas he drew me a picture of the other half of the bike, and months later, he delivered the gift to me, a used purple bike he had purchased for !

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In time, however, I came to know this was just part of who he was.""A short while before the wedding, when Mark and I were picking readings and vows, Mark told me that he didn't want to use a wedding vow that included the promise to be faithful.

He was worried in some odd nagging way, he said, that he might not be able to remain true to that vow.

I would soon learn—secondhand from the AP interview—that Mark had had yet more dalliances over the years, but that in his opinion he had not "crossed the line" as he'd done with Belen.

When I pressed him for details when I saw him a few days later, I understood fully that his and my definition of an appropriate line were not at all the same.

I hadn't anticipated the car would be a stick shift.

Though I'd tried before, I didn't really know how to drive a stick."' Good God, you're by yourself in Jacksonboro! Evie told me that Mark was already at the party—he'd left Coosaw without waiting for me.

Jenny Sanford’s handling of Mark Sanford’s mistress problems is detailed this week in a new book by the former wife of the South Carolina Governor. ” Jenny said Mark’s response was that he had “good news” – “I told you, it’s all behind us…. Maria Belen Chapur Video Mark Sanford Confession Video Jenny Sanford Photo 1 Jenny Sanford Photo 2 Jenny writes in her book that she told him before his press conference “Whatever you do, don’t talk about your heart” to the media.

Jenny Sanford says that when Mark returned from his “meetup” in Buenos Aires with Maria Belen Chapur, she told him: “Do you know what kind of storm you are returning to? “Certainly I didn’t always feel loved by him or have that ‘in-love’ feeling for him as often as I would have liked, but that, I rationalized — and believed — was real marriage.” Jenny Sanford told Vogue that Mark has big problems.

As well, for the last fifteen years my husband has been fully engaged in public service to the citizens and taxpayers of this state and I have faithfully supported him in those efforts to the best of my ability.

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