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Take a look at what marketing, events & design creatives are using around the world today.Scan through some of these Global Cool hunting curators: 42.

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a DIY store could hold free DIY or upcycling classes using suppliers sponsorship or in-house expertise. Conversely if you supply into retail: do free in-house events via demonstrations of your product with Q & A sessions and tips on how to use your products in radical new ways. Starbucks allows you to collect stars with every purchase. encourage customers to buy a special basket or combination of goods and reward with a prize, Or the classic “be the 100th customer today and win a free prize” and so on.. Other games challenge the public to look out for the product and keep it in the public’s consciousness e,g, a Treasure hunt: find the hidden prize in the packaging and you win a year’s supply, get the golden ticket in our next Flyer mailout, spot our Product on the street .. It usually helps if you tie this in with charitable activity. Sell your business face to face via Free Business Networking events / Business Speed Dating. Shared Services & Collective bargaining– learn from Cooperatives: collaborate with your business network to pool marketing resources, procurement and engage in collective bargaining. Barter Products and Services within your business network or set up a system of your own between local stakeholders, e.g. For example, if you are a in the business of providing e.g.

Or award a badge for targeted buying activity and let customers qualify for the next level of rewards. Clonakilty Favour Exchange : A skills and labour system set up to service a local business community. Secret Tours get together with other businesses in your high street, local business network or town and organise a secret tour around a theme:for example if you are in hospitality : a secret food trail showcasing the best culinary experiences for tourists and locals e.g. Give Free hugs in a busy high street area outside your premises. Pay it forward: be a parking fairy pay for someone’s parking outside a key establishment like Google perhaps and stick your business card in with the parking receipt on their windscreen. In the “Nicked” viral campaign from from Ben Sherman, Display shirts were stuck on the Outside of their flagship window and cameras captured passers bys as word of mouth spread that the products were free : take a look at the Ben Sherman Nicked Window display viral 40.

Tap into the people in your neighbourhood who use your business by providing them with meaningful events in-store or on your premises: 20.

Service your existing customers with social events that allow them to make a positive association e.g.

There are agencies that help you find them or start a pop up space too.

Great for evoking curiosity and planting brand awareness in specific geographical points in your city.a book club in a book store after hours, storytelling evenings in a cafe, coffee mornings with toys for Mums to socialise in a nursery goods store. Offer free exhibition space on your premises to new edgy performance artists, a nearby visual merchandising school looking for practice or Design students. Use your own staff as Cast or your own customers as a captive audience : Finnair used their hostesses to flash mob passenger with a Bollywood routine to tap into the Indian Market 26.You will be getting some amazing visual merchandising for free that may spread via word of mouth. Trade marketing events Get your suppliers to offer a workshop or educational lecture to your clients or customers for free thus getting their collaboration. If you are selling hospitality, or are in catering organize a Community Street feast or urban Picnic in a vacant lot and or on your high street with neighbouring businesses. My favourite example of using grassroots communities to promote an event:: the Haka Flash mobs that took place during the NZ Rugby World Cup Playful and Entertaining promotions engage people, tap into their competitive streak and can target sales. The most basic application is a loyalty points system on your reward card e.g. The key is to blend this offline activity with online tools in this blog: 5 brands with Winning Gamification Strategies . Social enterprises and Charities use this all the time: find an important influencer in your sector or celebrity personality that buys or uses their product and use their fame, endorsement and connections to get noticed. Instead, don some Recessionista fatigues and arm your business with these creative cost-saving tactics.Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing site simply puts it as “The achievement of conventional goals (e.g.If you need to trial a regional market or neighbourhood or need to sell on a seasonal basis, use vacant or slack premises that are unused and help regenerate the city in the process. Local municipal councils are a great source of vacant units as they need to regenerate old neighbourhoods.

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