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Jonathan Rhys Myers does his forlorn sports coach bit, as from Bend It Like Beckham.The solidly Brit supporting cast is entirely believable, even if their effortlessly affluent lifestyle takes a bit of swallowing. This is a thoroughly satisfying evening at the movies.

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London Plastercraft Ltd was formed in 1990, by directors Mark Mc Keever and Bill Thompson, both were apprentices for local fibrous plastering companies in London, in the late 1970’s, before they ventured into starting their own business.

They are both experts in the field of interior and exterior moulded work and strive on only producing the very highest work for their valued customers.

Scarlett Johannsson -- what an actress, is she really only 20 or whatever?

She packs huge power and stunning looks, if occasionally getting a trifle near Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

We work on residential homes, new build properties, listed buildings, exterior work such as GRC, GRP, stucco, interior work such as run in situ, lath and plaster, restoration work that includes cleaning, restoring, manufacturing and fixing.

We also offer a match to existing service on any design no matter how big, small detailed or plain.

I simply don't hear that -- it may be a bit stagy at times, but the writing is spare, to the point, and literate. Yes, there are some silly bits; bits where you wish any half-intelligent Englishman had watched the film and said "Wood, old son, this is cobblers".

British detectives don't call themselves "Detective so-and-so". The force that polices London is the Metropolitan Police, not the "London Police".

Perhaps Allen didn't realise that his main copper, Ulster actor James Nesbitt, sounds a parody of the amusing roles he plays in some widely-seen British Yellow Pages adverts.

Little things, so easy to iron out, that detract just a touch from credibility.

Unlike ...: The man who said "I'd rather be lucky than good" saw deeply into life.

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