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Back at the office Vaughn complained to Weiss about the fact that he was being replaced, saying that Lambert and Davenport were idiots.

Weiss said that Vaughn was being too emotional about the situation and that he was too attached to Sydney.

However she suspected it was all a ploy in case she was a triple agent.

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Eventually, they take SD-6 down and they finally kiss amidst the remnants of the SD6 cell.

They start dating and Vaughn is investigated for secret meetings with foreign operatives; Sydney thinks he is working for someone else but is not.

He then told her that he was being replaced by a senior Seth lambert officer, as the CIA felt he wasn't experienced enough to be her handler.

He said that it was good to have met her, and wished her luck for Madrid.

Vaughn's father, Bill, was a CIA agent, who became aware of Prophet Five and their intentions.

He and Renée Rienne's father fought them for some years.

Vaughn was reassigned to Sydney's case after she demanded him back due to poor relations with Lambert, her new handler .

Sydney then at a car wash asked Vaughn about his wife(which he does not have).

While Vaughn cannot give him a CIA job due to the said criminal record, he uses his discretionary fund to pay Will to research aptitude tests given to first graders in the US to see if questions from Project Christmas were added to these tests.

Vaughn talks to Irina again about Sydney, his Father and Moscow, Vaughn talks to Sydney about her mother. He and Sydney runs into each other and have a talk about them and Alice.

Weiss is later shot by Irina Derevko and Vaughn tells him that he'll be ok. Vaughn meets with Irina about CDs and about Sydney Bristow.

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