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I have been inspired to write inspirational spiritual poetry and recognize what is from God I want to know my angels better too.Reply Is 11 am were I am my son just came home from a sleep over, he knocked I open to find a bunch a white and some grey feathers just outside my front door…I just had a healing session yesterday and we worked with Angels ; I guess they are letting me know they watching over me 😊 Reply Found an unusual large black feather under my desk work seat this morning with my daughter.

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I have a large window I sometimes gaze thru that looks over acres of berry fields. Not any that would have list those type of feathers.

It was surreal since I really believe that feathers show a manifestation of the angelic realm.

Its can write a book on all thats been going on in my life. God bless and take care Reply I am a very spiritual being and I get it from my grandmother on my father’s side.

Today something triggered my emotions and I had no idea how to deal.

I have lately been trying to attach back to my spiritual self because I had lost it for a bit and seeing this grey feather allowed me to gather knowledge that I am on the right path.

Reply I forgot to mention tha prior to finding these beautiful feathers today, I’ve been meditating and praying for a sign with a rose quartz, which was chosen because I was weighed with a matter of the heart.

I have just recently found a brown feather on the floor of my living room.

I instantly felt like it meant something so i saved the feather on my coffee table. I believe in angels are around us however I have never known of the use of feathers for them to communicate with us.

4 days later i found a gray feather on my dining table. I would love to have my angel let me know more about them or have me be more aware of their prescence.

I am very spiritual and would love to go to a deeper level in recognizing things like the presence of angels.

I am not a religious person, but my mother was spiritual. It is a small light gray feather, message received 🙂 Reply I often have unique feathers line up in front of me on pathways in a park or other unique locations. They floated up and down in what I thought was a upward draft.

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