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Complete believes in full transparency when it comes to our service, customer care and general business practices.We exist to serve our customers and we have been a proud member of the Better Business Bureau since June 2002, and have attained a consistently high rating.Verification of any denial or rejection may be requested.

Though we cannot answer legal questions, we can guide you through the process of entering your information correctly and ensuring you have provided all the necessary details for the forms to be completed.

If you encounter a situation that requires legal advice, we will connect you to a local family law attorney so that your specific needs are addressed.

From the beginning, Complete walked users through our online forms system and produced quality, state-specific divorce documents complete with directions on how to file your divorce in accordance with individual state laws.

The media, courts and even family law attorneys soon recognized that our process is extremely beneficial for uncontested divorce cases.

In addition, you can request that your forms be printed and mailed to you for a small fee. Complete is protected by Verisign, the clear leader in the secure encryption technology industry.

Complete is tested and audited daily by Mc Afee Secure, a leading, third party security service.

We provide a 100% guarantee that the forms provided by Complete will be accepted by the courts in your state.

If the forms are not accepted due to the fault of Complete, we will make any changes requested by the court or judge (without charge), or a refund will be issued.

All of your information is auto-saved to pick up where you left off and you can make changes before you submit your case for form preparation as often as you wish.

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