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Kanae's reaction, however, assured him that she was the one. He slipped the ring on her finger in a moment captured on camera that's also included in the book.

" he quipped that he leans in and answers solemnly: "Cigarettes." Vujicic's upcoming book, "Love Without Limits," was part of the ticket price Friday.

The book was co-written with his wife, Kanae, whom he met while speaking in Dallas.

FAIRHOPE, Alabama - "Gimme a hug," says Nick Vujicic in a friendly Aussie accent to anyone approaching him for a book signing.

The Christian author and evangelist, who spoke Friday night in Fairhope, says this because, with no arms or legs, he cannot shake hands or embrace his fans.

After the Jonas Brothers confirmed a hiatus, Nick formed a new band known as Nick Jonas & the Administration, who released the album Who I Am in 2010 to moderate commercial success.

Thereafter, Jonas opted to focus on work in theater, and also had a recurring role on the television series Smash.She had come to hear him give a motivational speech. The couple have four children: sons Kiyoshi James (b. 7 August 2015), and identical twin daughters Olivia Mei and Ellie Laurel (b.20 December 2017), who were born on Kanae’s birthday. "That's inspiring to all of us," said Jones, who attended the event with her husband, three children and four of their an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer.He was eager to fly out to Dallas Saturday to be reunited with Kanae and Kyoshi.

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