Okcupid dating tips

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Reddit (especially r/okcupid) is a great resource if you’re looking for a sounding board, feedback, or advice around dating on Ok Cupid.

Since you’re looking for Ok Cupid profile tips, you’re probably not getting the results you want on this popular dating site. If she hasn’t “liked” you yet, your icebreaker message won’t go straight to her inbox.

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This example works because it ignites her imagination. Why not convey the same idea by describing some of your trips? Research has shown it’s more attractive to describe how you embody a specific trait, as opposed to just say you have it.

She can imagine what it might be like to do those things with you, because you’re rather than telling. So if you’re adventurous, describe the time you tried kitesurfing or went rock climbing.

The Ok Cupid Reddit wiki tries to capture the best of these questions and answers but can be a bit unweildly itself.

DO From our very own /u/mattheikkila’s OKCu Tips: “Your first photo should either show how attractive you can be, or be interesting enough to compel those you’re interested in to click on it when it’s a little 60×60 pixel thumbnail.

Since the subreddit has existed, however, tons of ground has been covered.

And the same questions come up over and over again.

Here are 2 Ok Cupid intro examples that will get her hooked from the get-go: Your dating profile is basically an advertisement, right?

So highlight your #1 feature right off the bat, and make her want to keep reading. But you don’t have to mention your job, it can be whatever makes you desirable boyfriend material.

To stay safe, there are certain steps that you should take while dating – both online and offline.

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