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So don’t miss this issue of Answers, which brings you up to speed on the ten best evidences for a young earth.Also discover incredible new examples of the Creator’s undeniable designs, a biblical view on political activism, the latest findings on the Dead Sea scrolls, and much more!Forensic scientists must make multiple assumptions about things they cannot observe. Reaching the correct conclusions requires the right starting point. This is the revealed Word of the almighty, faithful, and true Creator, who was present to observe all events of earth history and who gave mankind an infallible record of key events in the past.

The value that gives the best fit to observed CO2 concentrations provides the best estimate of residence time.

I constructed CO2 curves using a spreadsheet algorithm that begins in 1760 and works as follows.

Such a mountain of scientific evidence, accumulated by researchers, seems to obviously contradict the supposed billions of years, so why don’t more people rush to accept the truth of a young earth based on the Bible? Just one wrong assumption or one tiny piece of missing evidence could totally change how they reconstruct the past events that led to the present-day evidence.

The problem is, as we consider the topic of origins, all so-called “evidences” must be interpreted. Interpreting the facts of the present becomes especially difficult when reconstructing the historical events that produced those present-day facts, because no humans have always been present to observe all the evidence and to record how all the evidence was produced. That’s why, when discussing the age of the earth, Christians must be ready to explain the importance of starting points and assumptions.

An important consideration in estimating future greenhouse warming risks is how long CO2 remains in the atmosphere.

Here I present the results of a simple mass balance model that provides a near-perfect fit between CO2 emissions and observed atmospheric CO2 using a CO2 residence time of 33 years.

And that’s what we find—in the earth’s geology, biology, paleontology, and even astronomy.

So we should expect to find plenty of evidence for its youth.

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#1 Very Little Sediment on the Seafloor For Additional Information: God’s Word clearly teaches that the earth is young, and the evidence powerfully confirms it.

It takes 1760 CO2 emissions, calculates how much CO2 (in ppm) they added to the atmosphere in 1760 and then reduces the ppm value in each following year in accordance with the decay curve, which will vary with the residence time.

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