credit check dating - Radiometric dating uses the decay rates of

As a result, all they do is heat things up (not blast them apart).

In order for your cell phone to do any damage to you it would have to literally cook your head, as in “increase the temperature until such time as you are dead”.

All the helium that slowly bubbles out of the ground is from the radioactive decay of heavier elements inside of the Earth.

radiometric dating uses the decay rates of-74

Physicist: Here’s every particle you’ve ever interacted with: protons, neutrons, electrons, and photons*.

Dangerous radiation is nothing more mysterious than one of those particles moving crazy fast.

In that respect, a warm room is far more “dangerous”.

Every living thing on the planet has developed at least some ability to deal with low-level radiation, which is unavoidable (some are ridiculously good at dealing with it).

Each cell in your body has error correcting mechanisms that deal with genetic damage (DNA blown apart by ionizing radiation), and even when a small fraction of your cells die: no problem.

They’re just put in the bloodstream, filtered out, and poo’d.

When you get a sun burn you’re suffering from a little radiation damage.

UV light has enough of a punch to kill cells, which is a big part of why our outer layers of skin are just a bunch of dead skin cells: radiating dead cells doesn’t do much, so the body keeps them around to protect the living layers underneath.

You’re far more likely to be harmed by chemical pollutants.

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