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I'd have to say, focus on your studies and it will pay off in the long run.

Don't deny your feelings, just try to understand them and exercise discipline. but the "leisure/charitable" time can be altered (and it's a great deal of time, in this particular case).

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And I'll end up with a mediocre relationship that matches the limited effort i've put into finding one. When people say they don't "have time" to meet you, (or for a relationship) they REALLY mean "The desire to meet you or to have a relationship, is not strong enough for me to arrange the time to do it! But what about the one who easily finds all the time both of you want (or need) to get to know each other in the first few weeks. He claims he did not even include his former wife in those activities ... She might have time to get laid occasionally, but for a real relationship, it would be rough starting out. They are saying that, for whatever reason, they don't want a relationship.

Meeting YOU is not a priority, but when I find someone I am REALLY interested in, I will surely FIND the time! It means they CHOOSE not to have time for a relationship. You always find time to do the things you want to do.

Some people love the time away, keeps the heart fonder and all that such, but I personally do not think it would be fair to the guy I was dating if I could not go out where he wanted to sometimes, or really spend any quality time getting to know them.

It can also be a cop-out for people who need to find a way to let someone down easy if they are not interested in a relationship with someone.

They find someone to fill that little bit of space they have available and tune out the bitter complaints of their partner who's needs are not getting met because they are hardly ever together. One thing that really irks me is when the man I am talking to comes to the site, reads his mail, but does not respond.

I think there are many people who do not understand the concept of there being a huge difference between: Working to live Living to work Until they retire. This is a guy who supposedly is already interested....you dont' hear for days, sometimes for weeks. Or you start dating someone else and man #1 gets all defensive and wonders why he was "blown off"?I will wait to find time for a relationship when I find a like minded person who also has a full life and is not just sitting around complaining and waiting for me to complete them. It depends on how that person defines a relationship, which is to say they may not have the time to have the kind of relationship they want.I will have time for the right person, and find I'm not willing to give up what free time I have to someone I don't think will be there for the long haul. Some people are fine with a relationship that is basicly,"Whatever time we can have, whenever we can get it." Other people need more of a comittment and won't get involved with some one if they themselves can not meet that standard.That being said, lightning can strike at anytime and you don't want to turn a blind eye to a good thing. I told him that I did not join a "dating" website to sit at home every weekend ... I've met women who work 2 full time jobs and go to school full time.My personal point of view is that with all my other responsiblities and initiatives, i don't feel i can dedicate the time and resources that i'd like to to a relationship. and literally disappear (do not return calls, do not initiate contact). he started to claim that work (and "leisure organizations") took up all his time. and an invite to come along on the "leisure/charitable" organization activities would be in order. Now, to me, yeah, she wouldn't really have time for a real relationship.If I should miss 'Ms Right' while my social life has to take a backseat to life's little realities, that's fine - there will be another one along any they are on a dating site or actively seeking out people to date, they danmn well have the time, they just don't want to make the time for *you*.

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