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Na základě testovacího provozu nyní hledáme pracovníky pro obsluhu chatu 24/7.

Pro vzdělávací sektor je Smartsupp ideální marketingový nástroj.

Důvodem pro nasazení live chatu bylo přiblížit se více našim zákazníkům.

Serving clients never left her heart though, as here in Live Chat she’s also devoted to increasing customers’ satisfaction.

Support Hero Tomek is our tech-savvy support agent who always amazes us with his knowledge of mobile and desktop technology.

He spends his free time watching great movies and playing soccer.

Follow @Wesolowski Tom Support Hero Martyna is one of our dedicated Support Heroes, ready to help anyone and anytime. You can usually find her doing all kinds of thrilling activities like snowboarding, cart-racing or performing cooking experiments in the kitchen.

Customer Success Manager When not helping our customers, Marcin is fighting villains and saving damsels in distress during LARP (live action role playing) sessions. Marcin is in charge of a LARP association called Fantazjada.

Customer Success Manager When asked for 3 best things in the world, Karolina always answers: sleeping, food and pandas.

Customer Success Manager Fighting problems of our customers with passion and commitment.

His work motto is “If our customers are happy it means I’m doing a good job”.

When not killing trolls in the nearby woods, he loves watching cheesy action movies from the 70s-80s era as well as all shark movies, including the Support Hero Hania is the gentle soul of our customer service.

She spends her free time reading comic books with her cats.

Technical Hero When not helping Live Chat customers over chat, Krzysztof snipes the occasional typos and proofreads new Knowledge Base articles.

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