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Women can be more emotional - at least they sometimes show it more.[on playing Marylou in On the Road (2012)] She's generous in every aspect of her life and she wants it back just at much. I think that I liken myself much more to Sal's character, so to be that person running down the street with everyone chasing after was different.

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I understand that everybody's going to know who you are and what you look like, but why be so obsessive? Mine is why I love my life and so to talk about it to you guys [the media] and to know that it's not just you guys, that I'm talking through you to the fucking world, it's really scary at first. The reason I feel compelled to do movies is because of whatever feeling you get when you read it.

As an actor your life is so wrapped up in your job. And to have four years of not being done with the Twilight Saga, it constantly weighs on you.

Following that, Stewart starred alongside Mark Addy and Stephen Baldwin in “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas”, and then appeared opposite Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker and Jared Leto in David Fincher’s thriller entitled “Panic Room”, which brought her a nomination for a Young Artist Award.

Stewart’s breakthrough came in 2007, when she played the role of Lucy Hardwicke in Jon Kasdan’s “In the Land of Women”, and later that year starred in Sean Penn’s survival film called “Into the Wild”.

On Snow White and the Huntsman (2012): I'm having the most fulfilling experience as an actor. It's dangerous.[on her rise to fame and claims that she is ungrateful or unhappy]: I totally am more comfortable now. I wouldn't tell you anything about anybody I cared about because it becomes entertainment for other people, and it sort of just cheapens everything in your life. I'm asked all the time in interviews about who I am, and I know a few people my age who have a strong sense of self, but I couldn't say I know myself and sum it up and give it to you in a little package. It's weird, because I would be the last person in my school to be in plays, but I was forced to sing a song in a school thing. I've never celebrated Hanukkah - it wasn't in my upbringing, but it was one of those deals where everybody has to pick a song or participate somehow in the chorus. Considering this is voted, credit is due to them so thank you. On how fame changed her life: There's nothing you can do about it, to be honest. I don't talk to anybody about my personal life, and maybe that perpetuates it, too. Now everyone thinks I'm going out to get the attention." and I'm like, "No, actually, for a second, thought that maybe I could be like a normal person.". On whether she wants to continue making movies or go to college: I absolutely have no foresight. I worked really hard in school to give myself options, and I've literally taken those options and thrown them down the toilet. It's funny, people ask me all the time: "What do you do for fun? I cannot describe how good it feels to actually have something that is truly into your heart and soul actually affecting people. It's not about the project's integrity or anything like that. On Bella Swan in New Moon (2009): Well, she loses what basically gives her the drive to do anything in her whole life.

I'm close with Rupert Sanders, have his ear, and it's to his credit that I feel this way because I'm getting my first taste of really collaborating. I try not to have a celebrity skin, which is why I think I run into problems. I guess I should get a face transplant or something. It wasn't the normal dreidel song; I can't really remember the words, but it was a more serious dreidel song. And that's how I met my agent, who was in the audience. To the other actors nominated, I am so blown away by you that I can't even describe it. But it's really important to own what you own and keep it to yourself. On doing interviews: Self-evaluation is not my strong point, and you're constantly asked to critique yourself. Purposely - not to make that sound totally negative. She loses the man she's in love with, but she also loses her entire life plan, and she's so young to have to be forced into a decision like that.The film was followed by the release “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”, and its final installment “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”, which was released in 2 parts. According to sources, in 2012 she earned .5 million from the “Breaking Dawn Part II” film, and added a sum of .5 million from appearing on “Snow White and the Huntsman”.Meanwhile, in 2013 her income amounted to million.I was feeling a little self-conscious about the acting thing with my peers, but also my teachers became a problem. I'm slightly embarrassed as I had such serious ambitions when I was younger. Most circumstances I find myself in are different than they were a year ago, but I myself haven't changed... Like, if you don't know something about a country, then go and check it out. This weird thing happens when you're in a movie that has some level of success.They didn't want to do the extra work or put packages together so I could keep up while away. I just never imagined that I would ever have a reason not to go to school, but then this happened. I don't even want to drive around by myself anymore. I guess first I have to thank all the fans of Twilight for proving again and again to be THE most devoted and attentive fans ever. I'm going to do what I want to do." Then the next day I think, "Ugh. I guess it doesn't really matter who I am, it just matters that they like the movie. however a normal 18-year-old girl would change in a year. I would do it for free every day [even] if nobody saw it. People start offering you all kinds of things, and they just expect you to do them because they'll be good for your career.Currently, Kristen Stewart resides in Los Angeles, and plans to continue her studies in college.

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