Sdn dating in medical school

By no means were married students the majority, but it was definitely not uncommon.Many people fear the whole idea of getting married while in medical school, afraid they will not have enough time for both.

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I would counter this by suggesting that medicine is by nature a busy career.

Medical school, in all likelihood, is not much different in terms of busyness than residency, fellowship, or a career as a physician.

We were often asked how we planned to balance our time and what our financial situation would look like.

We were warned by many that it would be difficult, that my wife would “never see me,” and that most medical students live in a constant state of anxiety and have very little free time.

We have had to sacrifice weekend trips to see friends or family, or even weeknight outings, because of my commitment to medical school.

My education has been a significant financial sacrifice, as well–though it is an investment which will eventually pay off.

What is interesting about most of this advice is that it did not come from medical students or physicians; it was provided by well-meaning people who cared about us and our situation, and probably wanted us to have a realistic view of what we were getting into.

I am now six months into medical school and seven into marriage, which certainly does not make me an expert on either.

The “horror stories” are true in the sense that medical school does demand a lot of time.

They are not correct in assuming a student will never have time for anything, however.

This is true for all medical students, regardless of relationship status.

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