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Both types of balls are sold separately, but it is a good idea to have several on hand in case any get misplaced.

Balls should be hard to the touch even softballs to ensure that they will last a long time.

From bats and balls to cleats and gloves, we have the baseball and softball gear that will have you running the bases with abandon.

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I found the 2XL Prevail underwear (since my mom hates the taped kind) at a good price and up to an 80" waist.

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However, there are also 14-inch softballs used in some places and Chicagoans typically play with a softball that is 16 inches in circumference.

While nearly all baseballs are white, softballs range between white and off-white, with some also being yellow, orange or other bright colors.

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The Prevail Underwear have a convenient pull-on and pull-off design, so they are can be worn just like conventional underwear.

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